Bike Tour Sardinia can provide all equipment for your tour,

but if you want to bring your own helmet, pedals, seat or other components to personalize your bike as if you were on your own, you are welcome.
Helmets: To insure your safety we require our guests to wear helmets.
Pedals: Our bikes do come equipped with toe clip pedals or flat pedals. If you want to bring your own clipless pedals we will be happy to install them on our bikes. Anyway, inquire with us, we have available spd and look pedals.
Seat: Very comfortable saddles are available with models for women and for men. We can fit your own seat, just please don’t bring the seat post.
Touring/road bicycles are outfitted with:
Handlebar bag with plastic pocket: for map (highlighted maps and detailed route notes)
Water bottle: we provide a complimentary Cicloposse water bottle to keep as souvenir.
Tools: A mini-pump, extra inter-tube, and tire levers are provided.
Computer: mile/km wireless counter; needed to follow perfectly our route suggestions.
Lock: A very useful deterrent to thieves.
Map holder: We do not suggest the front mount bag on dropped handlebars, BUT a plastic pocket for the map is safer in this case.
Rear carrier: On request we can provide a rear carrier fixed to seat post.
Rear carrier with bag: On request we can provide the back bag on rear carrier.
Saddlebag: Saddlebags are available to carry extra tube and pump.

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