I’ve Got That Feeling

We are looking forward to cycle in Sardinia with you!

While most of us around the world are under some sort of lockdown, news here of loosening restrictions are welcome brightening our views and warming our hearts with anticipation. Added to our enthusiasm are the longer spring days which likewise remind us of good times to come.

The birds are chirping, the trees are blossomed, and the busy bees are buzzing from flower to flower. For me, this was always the most beautiful time of the year to bring out my freshly cleaned bike. I can Just about hear that familiar clicking sound of my wheel hubs filling my soul with joy. This is when I’m feeling the best! Out in the fresh open air, rolling away on a daily ride.

On the bike, pedal by pedal, the sun shining on my cheeks but enjoying the wind to cool me down. Friends and fellow cyclists meet me on the road, embracing each other’s company with ever changing scenery of rolling hills, mountains and sea and endless undulating roads seldom seen or experienced by any other means.
But I know very well that these feelings are not unique to me and that many others experience similar emotions. This is why we share our love for cycling with you in hopes of transmitting these emotions and the beauty of our amazing island to you.

We feel that the time is getting close and so we are preparing for your first experience or return. We can’t wait to get rolling on the roads again and provide an unforgettable experience for you. This is cycling in Sardinia, this is what happiness is all about!

Amazing group from US is resting on the private beach in front at the luxury hotel.