Rental Price in Euro
 One Day  55
 Three Days  140
 One Week 260
 Two Weeks 450

E-Bikes for rent in Sardinia

The hills won’t be so hard with our new E-bikes. E-Sub bikes are regular pedal bikes that provide electric assistance whenever you want it, you also can swicth off the assistance and ride as a normal bike. If you intend cycling long distances, scaling the hills of Sardinia and you want a helping hand, the E-Sub is the right choice.

We have Scott brand, equipped with the new Bosch Smart System motor positioned very low down so as not to raise the centre of gravity of the bike. The battery is an integrated Bosch of 625Wh, that means a long duration for all your bike holiday.

 Frame  Aluminium
 Sizes  S, M, L, XL
 Battery Bosch 500/625/750Wh
 Brakes  Shimano Disc Brakes
 Tyres Schwalbe 700×50
 Wheels 28” Shimano
 Weight 22 kg