Marmilla, Cycling Destination!

The Ondulated Marmilla region is a Cycling Paradise

This Marmilla region is a sub-region of Sardinia strategically placed in the crossroads of the fertile plains of the two Campidani (low farming lands), along the historical routes between the golfs of Cagliari and that of Oristano, privileged landing sea ports of ancient seafaring populations.

This place, close to the mining areas of the massif Linas mountins from one side to Mount’ Arci on the other, has always been a mandatory passage on the way to Gennargentu, situated halfway between the Campidano and the Barbagie. Its characterized by green, gentile rolling hills crossed by many waterways, the territory features many natural wonders.

For centuries, the Marmilla has been inhabited. Besides the many Paleolithic traces being present, contained are many Domus De Janas, Tombs of Giants and over 120 Nuraghi of which are mostly all visitable. The Punic and Roman settlements are otherwise so numerous and scattered all over and sometimes even overlapping previous cultures.

Today could start from your place of accommodation with a visit to these various places of the local region. Departure from one of the most suggestive places of the Marmilla. We will visit the Unesco World Heritage Nuraghe of Barumini.

The soft rolling hills of the Marmilla watch towards the little towns of Tuili, Turri and Lunamatrona.

The beautiful backroads on the Marmilla region

Things to do upon request
  • Wine Tasting at Cantina Lilliu in Ussaramanna or other family Wineries.
  • Cooking Classes in Lunamatrona.
  • Cheese Tasting in Villanovaforru
  • Lunch at the only Michelin Starred Restaurant in Sardinia, S’Apposentu di Casa Puddu in Siddi.
  • Visit the various Museums of the area.

Just in the centre of the Marmilla there is the Giara High Plateau, rich in Nature where they live many little black horses called “Cavallini della Giara”. They live free on the High Plateau.