Covid-19 in Europe and Italy

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The situation around Coronavirus in Italy and Europe is constantly changing. Read on to find out how tour departures have been affected, what changes we have made to our cancellation policy and the security measures we are taking.

First of all, we hope that our past and future guests are in good health. 

We monitor the situation very closely for the benefit of our family, friends and all our guests!  Our welfare as well as that of the communities and businesses we visit, is paramount.  In the interests of safety and quality of experience, we have implemented the latest safeguards to ensure compliance with the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene of our vehicles, equipment and environment.

We have ensured that our destinations and partners are also compliant with all the latest guidelines, actively minimizing the risk of contamination or spread of infection.

Have Our Tours Been Affected?

Due to latest measures taken regionally and nationally, our 2021 scheduled tours remain unaffected by Coronavirus.

What Does This Mean For Guests Booked To Travel in 2021?

If you’re booked to travel with us in 2021, we’re looking forward to welcoming you.

We continue to closely monitor the Covid situation. We follow international guidelines and adhere to advice issued by our national authorities. We remain in contact with our guests with the latest pertinent information on traveling to our destinations with any changes or requirements prior to your departure.

Latest Updates and Information on Traveling to Italy/Sardinia in 2021 in Zones.

The ministerial decree- Dpcm of November 3, 2020introduces different measures to contain the Sars-CoV-2 epidemic, according to the level of risk of the different Italian territories and regions. The most restrictive measures are concentrated in the area reserved for the Regions at maximum risk, the so-called red zone; in the area for the Regions considered at high risk, the so-called orange zone, there are slightly less restrictive measures; in the third area, the so-called yellow zone, including the remaining Regions, less restrictive measures are applied.

Concerning people movement on the territory,  the measures of the Decree-Dpcm are as follows:

Regions included in the yellow zone: 

  • curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., except for proven reasons of work, necessity, and health, with the recommendation not to travel except for reasons of health, work, study, and urgent matters.
  • people are allowed to move between Regions within the national territory 
  • it is strongly recommended not to travel by public or private means of transport, except for work, study, health reasons and urgent matters, or to carry out activities or use non-suspended services.

Regions included in the orange area:

  • curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. except for proven reasons of work, necessity, and health, with the recommendation not to move except for reasons of health, work, study, and urgent matters
  • travelling from one Region to another and from one Municipality to another is not allowed, unless for proven reasons, with the recommendation to avoid unnecessary journeys during the day, even within one’s own Municipality. 

Regions included in the red area:

  • any movement even within one’s own Municipality, at any time, except for reasons of work, necessity, and health, is consequently forbidden from one Region to another and from one Municipality to another. 

The Ministry of Sardinian Tourism

The Ministry of Health, Italy

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