Bike Tour Sardinia introduces Sardinia Short Escapes to its line of Cycling holidays for those who don’t want any compromises, but only have a few days available. We offer 3 full days of cycling and 2 half days – Perfect for those who are short on time or do not feel like vacationing entirely on the saddle. Whatever your reason, we are here for you.

What’s more, each day there will be a choice of easier / shorter bike rides or more challenging ones for the roadies. With top quality hotels and our expert services, we can make your short holiday perfect and one to remember.

Imagine riding in the fantastic scenery of Coastal Roads, High Plateaus, Mountains and Rolling Hills of Sardinia.
Each Short Escape has its different theme and geography, which will also take you back in time. You will be excited to discover the many stories that surround this mysterious island of the Mediterranean Sea. If you don’t have a week to spend on a bike, this tour is more within your reach, plus it can be customized specifically for you.