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The BTS New Headquarters

The new workshop of BIKE TOUR SARDINIA is now in Sardara. In January we opened the new office and bike workshop of our company: “Bike Tour Sardinia“.We are now an Italian, cycling tour operator…. Read More


Bike the Nobel

Support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016: Caterpillar, a Rai Radio 2 show, nominates the bicycle as a very special candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. The show,… Read More

Jerzu Wine Festival

Jerzu Wine Festival 2015

Jerzu Wine Festival 2015 This year the event will take place from the 2th to 11th August in Jerzu, a town lying in the shadow of the tacchi, huge limestone rock formations, in the… Read More


Girotonno in Sulcis Area

Tuna fishery, the seizure has begun: “Girotonno, it’s already a record” While the tuna fishery of Sulcis are getting ready for the seizure, everything is ready for the international event called Girotonno 2014, from… Read More