Her Majesty Carignano del Sulcis

A great wine in a great island: we offer bike tours around the vineyards of the Carignano in the Sulcis Area

The strategity of “low profile” is the best one suggested.
It is not an exaggeration if we speak about the “Carignano del Sulcis” considered a champion in the winefield, the most important red wine in Sardinia.
The VINITALY gets colouredof “SULCIS”. There are big expectings about wonderful flavours years and superior qualities.

Many villages on the Sulcis area are scantily populated.

Our territory produces the best expression of Carignano, a very defined territorial identity wine say Lino Cani of the Cantina Sociale di Santadi.
A really good product that we have to protect, guaranteeing best quality. This is wine symbol of Sardinia, always nearest to the big “Chateau”. It is a wine very appreciated also abroad, from California to Japan.
In fact from the beginning of 2014 the request abroad have been increased: Russia, Canada, Europe, Brazil, in addition to Usa and Japan

A big success that we hope will be confirmed in the prestigious VINITALY “PICTURES”.

On tyhe best restaurants of our tours you can find the great wines of Sardinia

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