Mamma Angelina, Alghero

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My name is Angelina Demartis and I teach Italian and History at a public high school in Alghero, my hometown.
Cooking has always been my passion as far as I can remember. When I was just a child I used to help my mother and my grandmother prepare those delicious dishes that inundated with unforgettable fragrances our home.
A few years ago I decided to deepen my passion and knowledge for cooking. I attended a professional school for hotel and restaurant services in my town and became a Chef. Then I attended several courses on gastronomic traditions of Sardinia and on Italian regional specialties.
I am happy and enthusiastic with the last course I attended at. It was held by one of the prominent chefs in Sardinia, Cristiano Andreini, who is a Michelin Star Chef.
Occasionally in my house I organize meetings of traditional and regional cuisine, not only of Sardinia, with students of the “Mediterranean Centre Pintadera” who want to know the Italian language and culture deepening one of its most significant: the kitchen.
This pleasant experience made me think it would be nice to open my home to other people, on vacation in Alghero, they wanted to spend an evening learning about the cuisine of the Italian family tradition. During the meetings, we describe the characteristics of the products (always first quality) and the dishes will be prepared together and will enjoy a pleasant family atmosphere. Each guest will require a reimbursement to address the total expenditure in every meeting they support (purchase of products, environmental cleaning, linen, crockery, etc..).

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