How we fight the COVID-19

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Hello dear Customer,

we are really exhaust of the quarantine and we want to share some moment of our daily routine with you and of course if you have some picture to send to us, please do it and we will post them on our Instagram account.

We are sure to meet you again, may in one of our tours in Europe

We wait your feedback about this page and comments of the pictures, privately.


One of our Aperitif at La Bodeguita at Sanluri village. This was on October and I chosed this picture for Whatsapp image.

October 2019 Corona Beer

“Ce la faremo”, We can do it, Simone, my son is saying climbing on the mountain

Simone Villacidro

My last windsurfing day at Putzu Idu beach. it was March 4th 2020. I miss it as we miss pedal and a normal life.

Putzu Idu Wind Surfing

Simone, sometime paints and makes some “LEGO” construction on the refrigerator

Andara tutto bene

Me and Simone at Giara Plateau looking for the black little horse one month ago and then at Padroni Mortu hill just outside home.


Simone at Padroni Mortu

Tito and Nikita, our dogs and our best friends. a spaniel Breton, Tito six years old and a saucice dog, Nikita 3 years old

Tito e Niki

Vegetable Garden

And our Cats



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