The Founders

the founders bike tour sardinia

Hi! We are Mauro and Arianna, and we met in 2007, during a very hot summer in Milan.

Mauro has studied the history of cinema and photography in a particular school of Milan. After graduation he has held many jobs including seller of mozzarella cheese and job market worker, before becoming a riding instructor in 2001.
Arianna completed technical studies in clothing and fashion design in Sardinia and after graduating; she has worked many jobs before becoming a riding instructor for children.
We used to have a small stable right outside Milan, but we decided in 2009 to move to a better place to live when our son Simone was born.
The passions that bind us together are the love for Sardinia, for horses and for the countryside, but Mauro loves bikes too, which was a childhood pastime. The transition from horse to wheels has been simple: he remained anyway in the saddle.
When not pedaling or not working in the tours, we are dedicated to our garden, to the harvest of grapes and of olives.
Our products are the best, but they are not for selling, they are just for our family and relatives.
Why Sardinia
Arianna has always lived in Sardinia, but moved to Milan because of her love for Mauro; Mauro’s father is Sardinian, so it’s like a call from the motherland.
As soon as we arrived in Sardinia, we started collaborating with Cicloposse Bike Tour, which Mauro had already worked with starting in 1998 for two years.
Today we live in Sanluri, situated between the hilly Marmilla and the plain of Campidano.
We know the Sardinian countryside very well and we will turn your holidays into something unforgettable.
Mauro takes care of the routes and of the tours, while Arianna is in charge of marketing and handles the bookings.

See You Soon! Ci Vediamo Presto!

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