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In the big island, the wine producers deserve a particular attention as they who are able to increase the quality of the final product each year.

In Sardinia there are many grapes varieties such as Carignano, Cannonau, Vermentino,Nuragus, Malvasia, Monica, and Bovale Sardo and the many wineries around the country are able to obtain quality wines.

There would be pages and pages to write about the Sardinian food. But the most surprising thing about of this island is the large amount of sheep that produce high-quality milk: out of this milk it is made the famous pecorino Sardo or Romano cheese, not to mention the delicious ricotta. Do not miss sweets like sebadas or gueffusu, the roast pork (maialetto arrosto), malloreddus alla campidanese and ravioli with saffron and pumpkin.

The culture of food here is very popular among young people because it is richwith tradition.

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