Bosa is amongst the most beautiful villages in Italy (Borgo Medievale) .


It’s been a success. Thousands of votes, not only from Sardinian people, which reward Malaspina Castle and its territory

The Village on Temo river has gained the second place in the contest announced by Italian Television.

The on-line vote which has been organized by the program ‘Alle falde del Kilimangiaro’ has rewarded Gangi, a municipality in Sicily, as the first; right after it, there comes Bosa, the flagship of Sardinia.
In the contest ‘The most beautiful village in Italy’, which has been organized by the RAI program ‘Alle falde del Kilimangiaro’, the on-line vote has rewarded Gangi, a Sicilian municipality: Bosa, on the other hand, which is the flagship of Sardinia, has gotten the second place. It is an extraordinary result, which has been reached not only thanks to the votes of Bosa’s inhabitants and Sardinian people, but also of those tourists who have visited Bosa and its awesomeness during the years. Yesterday the village has welcomed thousands of people who have gone there for the Easter Monday: its old-town center was full with color and spring life, and its folk very welcoming.

Organizations. Stefania Crisponi, the chairperson of the local Pro Loco, is very satisfied: ‘It is a praise which can have very important good consequences for our tourism. We don’t have to think of it as the finish line: it is rather a starting point from which to restart towards our future’. On Facebook it is possible to read many positive comments made by very proud Bosa citizens. Here’s what Federico Ledda, a student in the secondary school focusing on humanities, has written: ‘I’m really proud of living in the most beautiful village in Sardinia, the second most beautiful village in italy’. The painter Mariano Chelo has written: ‘Bosa has been evaluated as second best village in Italy. I propose to give Toto Cutugno honorary citizenship’. There also is a controversy going on: the previous Mayor Paolo Casula says to his successor Piero Casula: ‘It was me, as a Mayor, who decided to participate in the contest while the present Mayor said that it was a useless cost.

Pride. However, it is the pride of Bosa which triumphs; in fact here is how the present Mayor Piero Casula goes on: ‘It has been a winnig choice to aim for the most beautiful villages in Italy, and it’s my purpose to go on in this direction. Now we are going to restart with the appointments answering this praise, following an idea of a town and a territory which are people-oriented: that is on 25th April there is going to be a whole day dedicated to ‘digital invasions’, for example taking picture of the territory is then to post it real-time on the social network; 10th and 11th May there will be the event called Open Monuments, that is all the visitors will have the chance to see the history and the remains of our village; 17th May there is going to be the Wine Feast in the medieval district called Sa Costa’.

Appointment. The town council announces that it will be held a press conference to underline this outstanding result, especially if it is compared to other Italian regions which have a much higher number of inhabitants.

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