EXPO 2015 showcases in Cagliari, Sardinia

Expo Italy 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

EXPO 2015 has spread its wings from Milano to the beaches of Sardinia. Let “Bike Tour Sardinia” organize around your EXPO experience.

Our “Sardinia Active Gourmet” and all our bike tours, GUIDED or SELF GUIDED, offers the original EXPO theme with much, much more. Ride with us to see how Sardinia truly feeds itself.

Take cooking classes, wine tasting, cheese tasting, inquire with centenarians on the secrets of longevity, see the fantastic landscape away from the crowds and smell the fresh air in the rolling hills or along the Mediterranean Sea. We can customize your trip to fit your schedule or choose one of our many pre existing guided or self guided tours. Take the one hour flight from Milano to get the full cultural immersion. Our services are just around the corner for that once in a lifetime, unforgettable vacation.

The EXPO featured by the National Association of Italian Towns (ANCI):
On Saturday October 25, ANCIforEXPO will be held in Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia, from 10:00 to 20:00 in Piazza del Carmine and its immediate surrounding streets. 40 booths of locally made products will feature a variety of excellent foods from diverse regions of Sardinia. Poetto of Cagliari has been made the official beach of the EXPO 2015. Institutions throughout the peninsula are organizing the provision of a suitable service making use of the beauties of the territory. The city of Cagliari and the whole Sardinia region are preparing something innovative such as shows and events in conjunction with the events of the Expo on the beach.

Special Conference Highlights: The ANCIforEXPO will host the Raw Earth of the City National Association, which has 29 associated municipalities incorporated in Sardinia. The Association will introduce the project “Res Tipica”. They promote the preservation of the Sardinian culture and heritage and traditional construction of buildings using raw earth, in a sustainable development perspective. The association will also introduce its other activities and will liven up the area with a basket of typical Sardinian products.

“The secret of longevity is proper nutrition”
In the afternoon, starting at 15:30 the conference “The secret of longevity is proper nutrition. Nutrition and longevity in Sardinia” will be held. The representation will focus on the importance of eating well and healthily. There is special emphasis on Sardinian nutrition and longevity, because on the island of centenarians, food has significant added value. Findings and connections will be brought out between the islands nutrition, longevity and lifestyle, presented by Prof. Constantine Palmas. Results of this study were conducted by the University of Cagliari and Sassari.

So, weather you are already in Sardinia for the EXPO or wish to take 1 of 25 available flights per day offered from Milano, this special occasion is one not to be missed. “Bike Tour Sardinia” offers (as always) its full services to make your tour carefree and relaxing. Let us guide you during your stay in Sardinia.

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