Autumn in Barbagia – Ovodda – Mamoiada 7-8-9,November 2014


Autumn in Barbagia 2014

Ovodda – Mamoiada 7-8-9,November 2014

The uncontaminated nature, clean air, and the goodness of the climate are among the factors that have contributed to the happy name of “ town of centurion ” for the number of elderly people who have exceeded a hundred years old or who are about to.
Ovodda is a mountain village on the border between the historical regions of the Barbagia and Mandrolisai. Its territories, within The National Park of the Gennargentu massif, range from southern ridges to the valleys formed by the rivers Tino (west), Taloro (north) and Aratu (east). The latter flows in the vicinity of the location in which are preserved some menhir, where it is called Rio Pedras fittas , the Sardinian name of these monuments.
The beauties of its natural heritage make it the ideal destination for the lovers of hiking that can choose between several paths to explore, natural oasis’ and important archaeological ruins refreshing themselves along the way in the abundant sources and the streams throughout the area.


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The intense aromas of the grapes in the environment and territory enrich a landscape full of suggestions in which predominates the screw and the chestnut that cover in warm colors the valley and the hills around the town of Mamoiada.
On fertile lands of granite origin, with a temperate microclimate and high variations between day and night, thrive the vineyards in which renowned wines are obtained, excellent productions of local wineries and important economic resources of the town. In the countryside, in fact, it is put into practice a mountain viticulture with forms of traditional farming in which is preserved the biodiversity of native varieties like the Cannonau and Granazza from which you derive prized red wines and extraordinary white wines with an alcohol content that arrives to exceed 16 percent.

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